Oh hai.

Welcome to my brand-new–as in the past few minutes–website! I’ve been meaning to start a personal website for oh, I don’t know, the last five years, but I have this chronic case of busy-ness. Back in the day, I at least had a blog, which I will find and link sometime for the sake of history, but that soon fell by the wayside when I had my first child. Suddenly I was that hard-to-spot creature (because moving so fast), the Working Mom, and the self-development represented by a website, or any personal project, was quickly subsumed in the daily survival and logistical needs of an infant, balanced with the fact that I was somehow still expected to get work done at work. I tapped out journal entries on my phone during late-night feedings, anticipating this moment of long-awaited leisure to–

Just kidding! I had another kid (now 9 months), so I’m still in the thick of it. The only reason I am publishing this site now is that the good people of Iowa City Poetry and Prompt Press asked me to run a workshop for them next week, and I gave them the URL of the still-skeletal site for their publicity materials, knowing it would force me to add some content. So here I am, pecking out this entry one-handed, while the baby snoozes on my other arm.

So, thank you, Iowa City Poetry and Prompt Press, for making this website happen! And dear reader, thank you for visiting. I hope you come again soon–I promise updates more than once every 5 years.

Oops, gotta go, he just woke up.photo-on-11-12-16-at-2-07-pm-2

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